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A report by Ronald  L. Burdge, Esq was filed on March 13, 2018. It is entitled "Attorney Fee Survey Report". The author does an  exhaustive research project on the rate attorneys charge their clients  on a hourly basis. The report shows that the 25% median rate for  attorneys is $325 per hour. (The median rate is the rate that is most  statistically prevalent.) I believe in mediation, because I do NOT  believe in litigation. Litigation is often unnecessary and priced beyond  the reach of many, if not most, clients. In order to assist clients in  obtaining affordable legal services, I offer readers of this website an  opportunity to access legal services for the rate that ranges between  $200-$250 per hour (Please note that this rate does not apply to mediation services). The services covered by this rate include legal consultation, Traffic Court representation, Small Claims Court, contract  and consumer fraud consultations, and non-contested divorce matters.  Often, timely consultation with an attorney can avoid the need for costly and extensive litigation. The time you would have spent in court  can be used for so many other productive activities. Why litigate when  mediation or legal strategies can first be initiated? It is worth your  time and effort to try all means short of litigation.

I  am a member of the NY, NJ, and CT Bars. My interest is in your bottom  line and not my own. Consider emailing or calling me. Perhaps you will  share my feeling that litigation is not always the answer to the legal  issues you are currently facing. Thank you for your review of the  information contained in this website. Best luck in facing the legal  issues life has presented to you!


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