A Message From Martin Rosenfeld


I  practice divorce mediation proudly because I have seen it work! It is  not only less expensive and traumatic than the litigation model; it  actually allows a couple to end their marriage with dignity and  self-respect intact.  Is it for everyone? No! If you and your former  spouse cannot put aside enmity and bitterness long enough for the sake  of reaching an agreement, then it is not for you.  Most couples are able  to reap the benefits of mediation immediately.  The first half hour is  without cost so that you can consider this option.  I think you owe it  to yourself to at least discover what mediation can accomplish.

A new mediation service that has taken on higher visibility is referred to as Marital Mediation or Mediation to Stay Married.

For those who seek legal consultations or  representation with their No-Fault Divorce, I am able to serve you as  well. Finally, feel free to discuss with me the process of Collaborative  Divorce for which I have been trained. Mediation and Collaborative  Divorce are not identical, but both are non-adversarial in nature.

Martin Rosenfeld worked for 9 years  as an Assistant Attorney General for the State of Connecticut.  He has  been trained in both general and divorce mediation.  Martin has prepared  a lecture on Mediation for the National Academy of Continuing Legal  Education. Martin is a member of the NY, NJ, and CT Bars. He is on the  NJ Roster of Mediators. Martin is also a Collaborative Divorce attorney.


I am in a professional business to help my clients. The way I do so is  by offering an array of mediation services. I recognize however that not  all who consult with me will choose to retain me. Some will choose  other mediators due to geographic location, references by trusted family  or friends, or other factors that may be difficult to quantify. I am  pleased to know that those who visit me wish to mediate their family or  commercial matters. I am hopeful that you will choose me. That is a wish  of everyone who has a professional practice. However, choice of  mediator aside, mediation is a decision that makes great sense. If you  will not come to me for a mediation process, choose one of my  competitors. But please do mediate. It is a decision that you will never  regret. Indeed, your children will thank you for it. And you will thank  yourself. Mediate don't litigate.

Initial Consultation

You're invited to contact us online or call (201) 794-4545 to  set up the 40-minute consultation. There is no obligation to you after  this first consultation, nor is there any retainer fee. A party may feel  free to terminate the mediation process at any time. But who would want  to do so? Mediation is less time-consuming and less costly than  litigation. The cost of a mediated divorce is approximately 25% of the  cost of litigation. As stated above, mediate don't litigate