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Divorce Coaching by Martin Rosenfeld

Dear Prospective Client,

There are no specific laws that govern the work of people who present themselves as Divorce Coaches. This means that virtually anyone who wishes can advertise that they perform the services of a Divorce Coach. Many coaches use terms such as “empowerment”,“facilitative”,“transformative”, etc. I have always believed in what President Truman referred to as “Plain Speaking”. I will use "plain speaking" in providing my services to you. I have years of experience as a Divorce Mediator, Attorney, Educator and Clergyman.  I believe that I understand the anguish and hurt that befalls individuals, and families, going through the divorce process. I believe that this process need not be confrontational nor unduly traumatic. I will help you get through your divorce period with a minimum of trauma and expense.


There is a civil way for marital partners to get divorced. While I steadfastly maintain that mediation is the best option available, not all couples agree on this option. Therefore as your Divorce Coach, I can assist you in the following ways:


*If you come to me as a couple, I can oversee the divorce process and negotiation stage to ensure that it is both civil and productive.

*I can help couples come to a parenting plan that properly produces proper visitation and custody decisions.

*I can make referrals, where necessary, to appropriate mental health practitioners.

*If there is still some hope to preserve the marital relationship, I can utilize Marital Mediation towards such discussion.

*Individuals may wish to retain me to assist them in choosing an appropriate attorney and to help oversee the divorce process.

*I can be used as a trusted advisor and confidante to individuals needing to make important decisions during the divorce process.

*I can accompany individuals to Court appearances and Hearings.

*I can be used for one-time consultations and help you plan your divorce process.


The divorce process will have ripple effects on the balance of your life. I believe my legal, mediation, and clerical background can be of great service to you. For those who are not within commuting distance of my Fair Lawn, NJ office, I offer support services via phone consultations. Please contact me with your questions and for information about my reasonable, professional fees.  Thank you for giving the above your consideration.


Martin Rosenfeld, Divorce Coach

34-00 Linwood Road

Fair Lawn, NJ 07410