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Advantages of Mediation over Litigation

Dear Reader,


My adult life has been focused on my work as a clergyman, educator, and attorney.  I have trained for work as a mediator in Chicago, Illinois and Ann Arbor, Michigan.  I do not believe the litigation route for divorce is a positive or ennobling option.  For this reason, I have become a Divorce Mediator.  I believe the greatest reason for trying mediation is to spare your children from the anguish and rancor that often comes in the wake of divorce proceedings.  If there are no children in your marriage, there is the simple gain of knowing that you have tried to put closure on your marriage with dignity and civility.


I have seen mediation work.  Mediation is an optimistic process, as it trusts people to rise to the occasion when the need to resolve contentious issues arises.  I have seen this become a reality in the course of my mediations.


In a lecture on mediation, I stated that mediation allows you to close the door on your marriage rather than slam that door.  I see no “down side” to mediation, but you will need to communicate and work to make it succeed.  If you have thought of the mediation option, you should speak to a mediator and decide what will work for you.  Thank you for reading the information contained on this site and considering the mediation process.


Martin Rosenfeld, J.D., Ed.M.

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