Martin Rosenfeld, Esq. Mediator Fair Lawn, NJ

Martin Rosenfeld, Esq. Mediator Fair Lawn, NJMartin Rosenfeld, Esq. Mediator Fair Lawn, NJ

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What Is Mediation?

I will describe my divorce mediation practice below. Please bear in mind that mediation can also encompass marital mediation, commercial, family, and elder care matters as well. For those who wish to see my writings on mediation, please visit

NOTE: I will discuss Marital Mediation, a newer component of mediation practice, on Page 3 of this website.  Marital Mediation is appropriate when parties still feel that their marital relationship can be saved.

Mediation is the process in which a  trained, neutral person facilitates a fair agreement between people in  conflict. Mediation sessions consist of the two parties, a non-biased  mediator, and other parties who are there by permission of both parties  such as attorneys, accountants, financial planners, etc. Since the  process is new to most parties, I provide a 40-minute introductory  session which only requires a modest registration fee. This payment is then credited towards the first mediation session. At the introductory meeting, we  discuss the mediation process and answer the questions you may have.

For those who would like an alternative to mediation, I can also serve  as a Collaborative Attorney to one of the parties. In this process, the  parties all work with an understanding that no Court involvement will be  permitted until the agreement has been signed by the parties involved.  You may feel free to make an appointment with me to discuss  Collaborative divorce.

Some parties do prefer litigation. I can serve as an attorney in  uncontested cases. I am a member of the NY, NJ, and CT Bars. I rarely  will serve as an attorney in a contested case as I find these cases to  be fraught with issues that may be injurious to the well-being of  all-concerned. 

"Mediate don't litigate" is my guiding principle. Where mediation will  not work, for whatever reason, I try to reduce the tension, work, and  cost to all parties. Feel free to give me a call for more information. I  am here to guide you through a process that need not be intimidation  nor painful. This is indeed a realistic goal.

My contact information is on the last page in this website. It contains  contact data as well as information on low-cost legal services I  provide in family and commercial areas . In addition, I am available to consult on divorce-related issues that may be of a briefer nature. It is all in keeping with my philosophy that litigation is  truly a last resort and often totally unnecessary. 


I have initiated a blog for those whose spiritual values may lead them to seek peaceful resolutions to disputes. My blog is found at: . I try to select themes that would be of interest to faith-based individuals.


The growth of online mediation has been chronicled for at least a decade, but interest in this mediation modality has grown with the onset of Covid-19. Online mediation can be conducted via Zoom or other virtual tools. Clearly, an online mediation is not advised when face-to-face mediation is a possibility. The online substitute makes it difficulty to read cues from body language and is less impactful than the real-time alternative. However, the time saved on travel, the utter convenience, and the safety of online work makes it an important mediation option. For those considering mediation, feel free to discuss with me the process of online mediation. I offer this service at an hourly fee which is sharply reduced from my in-office mediation. Feel free to contact me to discuss remote mediation at 201.794.4545 or via email at . 


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